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ohmygoodness I new Anastasia was the queen!!! adlkfjaldsjf I knew it!

wh-what? where is he?!

Looking forward to the new season of Once Upon A Time, glad to see Micheal Socha back as Will Scarlet, would like to see Emma Rigby back as Anastasia and further more would like to see Anastasia interact with Cinderella.

Dear Adam and Eddy


I’ve got two thIngs to say.
1) if you don’t announce it at Comic con I’m making the decision for you. Sean Maguire is to be main cast. He’s too perfect and the fandom wants to keep him

2) I’d like to request Anastasia be brought over as well with Will Scarlett

A oncer


If the timeline on OUAT is before OUATIW’s pilot, he could~ hook up w/ someone. It would never last though, because Ana is absolutely his TL
Aww, yes, I agree! Favorite response so far, thanks so much for answering, dear :) 

Wonderland Meme :: Seven Scenes (3/7)

"Remind me again why we didn’t take the Rabbit’s offer to leave Wonderland?"


I’ll forever be heartbroken over the fact OUATIW didn’t get more than one season so they could explore more storylines further! They created the most beautiful couple ever and just like that, after 13 episodes I had to say goodbye to them and that world. Though in a way I am happy too because I know that had it been bigger, fandom would have found a way to screw a lot of it for me including Scarlet Queen, just as the OUAT fandom does on a daily basis.