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"There’s something I’ve been dying to know… You said you wanted Jafar to change the laws of magic so you could do the impossible, go back and change the past.. our past… What part would you have changed? "


Anastasia Appreciation Week 7th - 13th September

After the success and fun of Wonderland Appreciation Week, I’m going to kick-off a series of character appreciation weeks, starting with the amazing Red Queen, Anastasia Tremaine.

  • Day 1 (Sept 7th) - Favourite Outfit[s]
  • Day 2 (Sept 8th) - Favourite Quote[s]
  • Day 3 (Sept 9th) - Favourite Scene
  • Day 4 (Sept 10th) - Favourite “Red Queen” Moment
  • Day 5 (Sept 11th) - Favourite “Anastasia” Moment
  • Day 6 (Sept 12th) - Favourite Episode
  • Day 7 (Sept 13th) - Free Choice

You can create GIFs, graphics, fics, metas or anything you want. Tag everything as anastasiaAW so we can all find each others’ posts.


i didn’t choose my otp, my otp chose me

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Aprreaciation Week (Day 7: August 23rd)


Day 7: Free Choice

So, since I wasn’t exactly sure what to do for free choice day, I’ve decided to put together a little master list of all of the OUATIW prompt fics I’ve written for your reading pleasure. It’s mainly Scarlet Queen with the occasional Cylice or Jafar cameo, so I hope you all…


Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Appreciation Week

Day 6-Favourite Villain

Villain! Ana/The Red Queen

Because at first Ana was a villain, and in fact I absolutely adored her. There was just something so charismatic about her, something that Jafar lacked. Also, I enjoyed watching Jafar underestimate her and for The Red Queen to prove him wrong…from the very beginning, I sided with her and wanted her to beat Jafar.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in Wonderland Appreciation Week

It has been amazing this week to see the Wonderland tag so active and to see and read everyone’s choices and opinions. I’m currently planning individual appreciation weeks for the main characters so we can all continue to show how much we love this spinoff. Stay tuned, Anastasia Appreciation Week is coming soon!

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OUATIW appreciation week | day seven 
free choice: favourite quote


(First Scarlet Queen fic)

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Title | Exhale

Summary | When she lived, she took his breath away with only a smile. In death, nothing changed.

Pairing | Will Scarlet/Knave of Hearts + Anastasia/Red Queen


Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Appreciation Week

Day 5-Favourite Backstory

Anastasia/The Red Queen